MageCat is a game made for the GMTK game jam 

the controls are

wasd to move Press P to pause.

j to push attack with K

Press Space to roll the dice and to move text in the text box

arrow keys and enter to navigate the menus 

TempoSparkz - team Lead / programmer

Star john Programmer 

6cpz artisit 

Brasilianbatman - - Music


MageCat 22 MB

Install instructions

known bugs 

enemies can get stuck on walls 


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short and sweet!

Looks cute but I can't get past the first text box to actually play :(

Could use more quality control; there are also a few typos in what I am able to see.

press space in order to use to move text. 
thanks a lot for the feedback I will go ahead and ensure that the typos get fixed 

Ah, yes, I can't believe I missed that in your instructions! Would be useful to have a prompt in-game.